October and November 2017

4th of October 2017 Riaan and Saretha Terblanche visit us on Chandame.  They bring us more coffee beans than we expected and eventually 5 variants were planted in our nursery.  We eagerly await the first harvest. 5th to the 19th of October 2017 Our daily chores continue as per usual at Chandame. 20th to the 22nd of October 2017 We host an Evangelism weekend at Namanweja where one of our prayer houses is situated.  We transport some members of the congregation with our tractor and trailer.  Jannie drove the tractor with all the congregation members on the trailer and I drove the bakkie with their entire luggage.  We start at Chandame and pick up people who want to attend the evangelism weekend along the way.  These folks are met on the main road as we do not pass each prayer house individually.  The tar road to Namanweja is good, but it takes the tractor 3 hours to drive 10 km on the dirt road.  At Namanweja, there were many speakers and there is virtually no time for the attendees to rest.  The schedule includes praise and worship, speakers and sharing meals amongst attendees.  The schedule is jam packed and there is almost no time to sleep.  300 people attended the weekend and the prayer house also received many new members. 28th to 31st of October 2017 We head over the border to Nkhoma and on the 29th, Jannie and Hennie head to Salima, Malawi.  Jannie collects the windmill that he wants to use in Chandame to help […]

September 2017

1st to 2nd of September 2017 We go medicine shopping in Lilongwe.  On the second, Jannie takes Kobus Minaar to Tete.  He visits Willie Gouws, and Riaan and Saretha Terblanche. 5th to 8th of September 2017 Jannie contracts malaria.  Wynand and Beualah Theron arrive with a truck with a TLB.  Jannie is amazed that he receives help to deforest the farm. 11th of September 2017 On this day, we start.  Jannie is very excited since everything is falling into place.  Jannie drives the tractor and wagon, Wynand the TLB and Beaulah the bakkie.  I pack them a lunch and the 3 of them only arrive back home late.  Tuesday and Wednesday are also dedicated to working on the farm.  Jannie brings a massive load of wood with the tractor and wagon because he needs the space to bring some women to a women’s meeting in Tsangano. 14th of September 2017 Jannie departs early with the tractor and wagon to collect women in Tamb for the women’s meeting.  Eventually, he uses Wynand’s truck to take them to Tsangano.  He leaves the truck there and returns with a bakkie.  The women’s meeting is from 14 – 17 September. 15th and 16th of September 2017 Jannie and Wynand do a recovery mission with Kwaai babatjie.  They only return on the Saturday after 6 pm and are dead tired.  The next day, Jannie drives to Tsangano to collect the women from the women’s meeting.  The meeting was a success.  They had many speakers, lots of food and little sleep.  A great time […]

July 2017

3rd of July 2017 We drive to Tete to pick p John and Fatsane and do ACRI shopping.  We also collect Wayne and Lynette Dodd, and Amber Polley of Josh Generation.  They have come to visit us at Chandame and we spend the night in Tete 4th of July 2017 We have breakfast and head towards Chandame.  We arrive back home at 11:00am, drop off the guests and drive to Pastor Dzonzi funeral (he was a pastor at Chandame).  Wayne and some of our local laborers remove our bakkie’s diff.  We arrive home at 18:00 to the smell of an amazing dinner done by Lynette and Amber.  The two of them also had socialized with our Youth Choir.  They sang with the choir and also learned them new songs.  Currently, our Youth choir practices every Tuesday and Saturday afternoon. 5th of July 2017 Amber assists us at the clinic.  Being a 6th-year medical student adds great value to the clinic session.  Lynette assists with bandaging wounds.  The Chisomo knitting group meet up with Amber at 16:00 for a knitting session.  Josh Generation sent a ton of wool gifts for the group and the ladies are very excited.  Wayne assists Jannie in doing all the small chores that Jannie does not get around to.  These include installing a cupboard in the kitchen, breaking down a wall so that the freezer can stand in the kitchen, wiring the fridge and parts of our bedroom and finally fixing our broken kitchen window. 7th of July 2017 We head […]

April/May/June 2017

1 April – Rian and Saretha visit us for a week.  Their goal is to help us with developing the new coffee plantation. 3 April – We start planting the coffee beans.  Saretha contracts malaria. 7 April – Rian and Saretha head back to Tete.  I continue working at the clinic.  Jannie heads to the local river to pack stones en route to the farm (Mwala Madzi). 8 April – Jannie tows a motor from the river.  A local’s mule and wagon is used to assist the tractor.  The job happened deep in the bush and takes about 5 hours.  After a lot of effort and work, the motor is leaded onto a truck. 9 April – We attend Chandame’s church service.  The scripture comes from Luke 17 verse 11 – 19 and we are thankful again for God’s grace in our lives. 10 April – Jannie contracts Malaria again.  Every time he pushes his body to far, the virus re-surfaces again. 12 April – The mobile clinic from Vila Ulongue visits us and 400 women with babies are present.  Babies are weighed and vaccinated.  Pregnant women are also given special attention.  The process takes the entire day. 13 April – One of the locals bring us a 4-month-old baby boy at 14:00 in the afternoon.  The child is furiously ill and unfortunately passes away an hour later.  The parents should have brought him to us earlier. 14 April – Susan visits Jenifer as she had a big operation.  She […]

March 2017

1 March – Jannie takes Pastor Antonio and the elders to a funeral in Mphatsa.  They only arrive back in Chandame late that evening.  We help Paulina, a 12 year old at the clinic.  She got burnt because she got an epileptic fit and fell in the fire.  She returns every second day for burn treatment.  It’s a slow process, but progress was made. 2 March – Rory Benette gives a huge gift of Vetiver grass (a type of grass to stop erosion) to help with the erosion at our water source.  This gift helps us stop erosion. 3 March – We head to Vila Ulongue to hand monies over to workers that were sent by Helen Meyer. 4 March – Jannie celebrates his birthday by towing a 2 ton lorry with the tractor. 5 March – We head to Karacher for a Sunday church service with Pastor Antonio, his wife, Vasco (Skiba) and Stella.  Every day the clinic is up and operational at Chandame from 9:00 – 12:00.  We have many malaria cases. 15 March – Jannie is busy with “recovery” in Agua Boa, a mountain pass close to Chandame.  Johan and Heidie Kruger and their 3 kids arrived at Chandame late in the afternoon.  They are on an Africa trip with their camper and bikes heading to Jerusalem.  Along the way, they do evangelical work.  They stay with us and only leave CHandame on the 18th of March.  Jannie also fixes Johan’s bike.  The few days we spent […]

February 2017

We are still in South Africa. 5 February – We attend a cell group meeting with Rian and Saretha Terblanche.  An awesome experience. 7 February – We visit Lance from Josua Generation for breakfast. 8 February – We have lunch at Huis Lafras Moolman, the retirement home in Rawsonville.  We pray for our power station and are so thankful for all the prayers from the people at HHM.  Jannie contracts malaria again. 10 February – Rian and Saretha Tereblanche visit us for breakfast. 12 February – We meet up with Dean Labuschagne, his wife Sarah and their 2 daughters.  They live on a farm in Malawi. 13 February – We are still in Rawsonville.  We enjoy the visits from family and friends. 19 February – We depart Rawsonville at 4:00 in the morning to get to Rita and Andre Fouche in Kempton Park. 20 – February – We do shopping before leaving South Africa. 21 February – We decided to head to Chandame via Botswana, Zambia and Malawi. We leave Kempton Park at 5:00 in the morning and start the long drive to Botswana.  After a long day’s drive, we reach Elephant Sands in Botswana. 22 February – Due to problems with the Colt’s alternator, we are forced to spend a luxury night at the Kafue Hotel in Zambia. 23 February – We eat breakfast at the hotel and find someone in Lusaka to fix the alternator.  Of all places, the job is completed on a side walk.  Thombe takes […]

January 2017

At this time, we’re still visiting family and friends in South Africa.  We also visit our dentist, optometrist and doctor for an annual checkup. 2 January – Riaan and Saretha Terblanche visit us in Rawsonville.  They reside in Tete, Mozambique.  They approach us with the idea of planting coffee at Mwala Madzi, a 900 hectare farm we rent from the Mozambique government. 14 January – We attend a missionary weekend in Strand, South Africa.  Young and old, new comer and veteran missionaries attend and share information and stories.  We always find it interesting to listen to these tales of mission work. 16 January – Jannie heads to Cape Town in search of parts for our Colt Bakkie. The Colt’s gearbox needs to be redone before heading back to Chandame. 19-20 January – We attend our grandchildren’s athletics day in Porterville.  It is really something special to be part of your children and grandchildren’s lives and we are truly blessed. 21 January – We head to George for our youngest grandson’s birthday party.  Jannie heads to Prins Albert with Janiel de Kock to see Janiel’s farm, Hangklip.  I stay in George to spend time with my youngest daughter Susan and her family. 26 January – We head to Brackenfell to see our grandchild, Andreas van Dyk, take part in his school athletics day.  We head back to Rawsonville and arrive home at 20:00.  Jannie takes Willem de Villiers to Cape Town for a meeting and his search for Colt parts continues. […]

December 2016

1 December – 75 patients visit the clinic.  At 13:00, I went to our kitchen feeling weak and realize I have malaria.  I was horribly ill.  Jannie was busy with a recovery for mpy in Harare. 1 – 4 December – Piet and Estelle du Plessis from Nkohoma visit us.  It was great having them at Chandame.  Estelle assisted in cooking and Piet made a scrumptious potjiekos meal.  I was not a good host because of the malaria. 10 December – We spend the night at Johan, Anina and their kids.  They are new friends we met in Mozambique. 11 December – We depart at 5:00am to transport Fernando’s belongings from Vila to Milange.  He is a student at Hefsiba, Vila.  We drive in the pouring rain and spend the night in Milange.  The next day we head for Milange to pick up Hennie Smit’s items to be sent to South Africa. 14 December – We depart for South Africa at 4:30am. 17 December – We arrive in Rawsonville.  It was great seeing our family and friends and spending time with them. 25 December – We head to church and enjoy the Christmas sermon.  A definite presence of the Holy Spirit and love of the community is felt.  We spend Christmas day in Porterville with our children and grand children.  We also spend time with friends in Rawsonville under “the tree”. We end off our year feeling that God put us here for a reason and we just need to […]

November 2016

On Wednesday the 9th, the worker at the pump station at Linthipe river informed us that the river dried up. They had to switch on the pumps. The next morning, they switched on the generator with the 3 pumps. God has provided again! Everyone praised and worshiped God’s goodness.   On the 14th, Rian and Saretha Terblanche slept over at Chandame. Rian does Veritas training. He is empowering leaders to spread the word of God.   The 16th, Jannie transported loads of sand and wood for the locals. It seemed like the rain was coming. We have been praying for rain because the locals needed rain before they could start with sowing.   I had about 50 patients on the 17th, most of the cases being malaria. This time of the year, malaria is bad.   On the 18th we drove to Tete for a dentist appointment and to do some shopping. We visited evangelist, Joshua at Nkondedzi. We gave him bananas and 4 bags of instant soup. His ministry’s people are poor and in need of food. We now get rain every day and is so thankful for it! About 40km from us, Frelimo killed 19 people! One must pray for Mozambique in these difficult times.   On Sunday the 20th we had a big downpour and we thanked God for the rain!   The 22nd, Jannie use the road-grader to level the road. It was raining and Jannie ended up drenched but he was satisfied about work he did.   On the […]

October 2016

At four o’clock on the 2nd, we headed to George from Kempton Park. Close to Uniondale, the gearbox started giving us trouble and we had to drive in 4th gear to George. God was so good, he protected us and guided Jannie with the right tools to get to George.   Our children and grandchildren were so surprised to see us and we had a lovely get together. Jannie had to hire a trailer to transport the Colt to Rawsonville. Jannie’s younger brother, Herman helped to tow the trailer with his Everest. Jannie left the Colt in Rawsonville and lucky for us, the Ford was still in Rawsonville. Jannie decided to drive back to George with the Ford Bakkie.   After Jannie drove back to George, he picked me up.  We fetched the generator on his older brother’s farm with the help of Jacques and Christian.  We then headed back to Rawsonville on the 4th of October.   We were fortunate to celebrate Christian and Gabriella’s birthdays on the 4th and 6th. It was special to us because our plan was only to go back to South Africa in December.   On the 6th, Jannie asked Rawsonville electric to build him a 3 phase board.  This would help with the electricity supply from the generator to the 3 pumps. Jannie ordered all the cables that he needed for the completion of every bore hole. Andre Fouche was such great help and he collected 6 pumps that we ordered in Johannesburg. This made our life easier so that we can get […]