Susan on February 10th, 2016

We arrived back at Chandame on the 1st of November 2015.  We were gone for a long time so the entire camp site was covered in dust and leaves.  We started cleaning the campsite and Jannie also started helping the local farmers by transporting potatoes and corn. The clinic was re-opened after a long hiatus and we had many cases of malaria, and infants (between 1 and 5 months old), having respiratory problems.  These usual tasks were really tiring since prior to our arrival, we were on the road for 8 days with the newly acquired tow truck.  For those who don’t know, driving long distances in a tow truck can hardly be called humane!  Thus, we worked half days and rested in the afternoon to regain our strength.


On the 25th of November I woke up early and started doing the washing.  By 9:30, I started feeling really sick.  Some of my symptoms included a fever and cold fever.  Since we live in a high risk malaria zone, my first self diagnosis was malaria.  The next day, Jannie and I crossed the border to Malawi to visit a hospital in Nkhoma.  I ended up staying in hospital for 6 days.  The doctor diagnosed me with a kidney infection and malaria.  However, thanks to everyone’s prayers and the friendly staff at Nkhoma hospital, I recovered.


We would not have gone back to South Africa in December since we did not have enough funds.  To make matters even worse, our children and newest grandchild we have not met, were visiting South Africa from South Korea.  The situation was really unfortunate and I handed this problem to the Lord.  Low and behold, my prayers were answered!  Dirk and Marie Smit needed someone to move their belongings back to South Africa in December.  And we were blessed even more when we found out that they would pay for the entire trip.  It was because of this that we went back to South Africa and spend Christmas with our family.  Jannie ended up doing this trip alone.  I had to fly down to Cape Town because I was too weak to attempt the drive back to Rawsonville from Chandame.  Even though the flight was faster, I was still nervous and jittery on the plane.  Ironically, I met a woman called Amanda van Saassen, a qualified nurse.  She was also on her way to Johannesburg and reserved her seat next to me.  She kept an eye on me the entire flight.  What are the odds of that!  God is good and caring!  Still being sick, I stayed with Hennie and Elsabet Smit.  They looked after me really well; 24/7.  This was really special to have friends that care this much.


We ended 2015 with our children and grandchildren.  Remember never worry when God is on your side!


God Bless!


Susan Smit


Susan on January 24th, 2016

Hi Everyone!

We had to spend 4 months in South Africa to fix the 1972 International Recovery Truck. On the 22nd of October we started to drive back to Chandame.  Our first stop was Meyerton! We spent the weekend with our family.  On Monday the 26th of October we hit the road again to continue on our way back to Mozambique. Our first stop for the day was Baberton and we decided to spend the night. The next day it was off to the border at Komatiepoort.  At Komatiepoort we had trouble with the truck’s wheels and Jacques a very friendly mechanic helped us to fix the problem!

We spent 4 hours at the Komatipoort border. On the South African side we had no problem with the truck and bakkie on the A-frame, but on the Mozambique side it was another story. We had to take the bakkie off the A-frame and drive the bakkie through the border and then we had to load the bakkie back on the a-frame. Done and dusted we drove onwards to Maputo!!!

In Maputo one of the A-frame mounts came loose!! Thank the Lord that nothing serious happened! Jannie had to fix the prop shaft and take the bakkie off the A-frame again. I then had to drive the Ford at night in the streets of Maputo. Finally, we found the yard where we could leave the recovery truck and we then had to find a place to sleep. That night, at 12:30am the police stopped us and tried to find irregularities with our vehicle. We were really tired but with the Lord’s help we stayed calm. The police wanted bribe money, but we ignored them and after a while they gave up and sent us on our way.

In one of the small towns both the mounts of the A-frame came loose again!! Jannie had to take the bakkie off the A-frame and I had to drive the last 800km to Chandame. Before I started to drive the bakkie I asked the Lord to be with me on the last stretch of the journey. While I was driving I realized that there were not a lot of big vehicles on the road and that was just one of the signs that God was with me.

We arrived on Chandame at 02:30pm. We were tired but thankful. We thanked the Lord for being with us every step of the way!

This was one of the hardest trips that we had ever done back to Chandame. The truck was noisy and without any air conditioner! Every day we started driving at 5.00am because Jannie could only drive for 8 hours a day. We always had to look for a place where we could park the truck which was sometimes really difficult because of the truck’s size. The trip back took us 8 days to complete but every day when we found a place for the truck we thanked the Lord for guiding us on the journey.

Eddie on August 4th, 2015

After a very long time, the mobile clinic (ACRIS) finally arrived on the 1st April with Helen Meyer, under whose guidance they had quite a fruitful day. A lot of people were able to receive very necessary medical attention, and we are very grateful to Helen and her team.

Marie Smit from Villa Ullongwe also came in April to teach the women of Chandame more about knitting. Our women learned a lot, and always enjoy Marie’s lessons. Several of them have started knitting on their own, and we are very excited to see their new skills develop.

A highlight in Chandame is the market we have every Thursday. Vendors from all over Mozambique come to sell their goods, and we have seen the market grow quite a lot. Here we are able to buy our food and some daily supplies, but medicines we still have to buy in Malawi. We crossed the border for more medicines, and had a talk with dr Renier about the clinic we are building in Chandame. He gave us positive input which helped a lot.

My day-to-day clinic is still running and I ask for your constant prayers in this. We had a 13 year old girl who came to us with swollen glands, and referred her to Nkhoma hospital. They diagnosed her with cancer, and are busy treating her in Villa Ullongwe at this stage. I ask that you also pray for her. Our sermon of 19 April reminded me (John 17:3 and Psalm 100) to not rely on your own power, but to constantly focus on God.

Jan and Marieta van Schalkwyk from Ceres and Joel and Hanlie came to visit us on 30 April for two weeks. They helped us to paint our kitchen, make curtains, helped finish some chairs, fixed the ripper and much more. It was wonderful to have friends visit us, and we enjoyed their stay tremendously. They spoiled us a lot, taking over the kitchen and cooking for us.

The first weekend in May Kobus and Ronell Verreyne, also missionaries from Zambia, came to support us a bit with our missionary work, which we appreciated a lot – many thanks to them! On the 12th of May we visited our farm, Mwala Madzi. They gave us wonderful advice. The purpose of Mwala Madzi is to uplift the community by creating jobs to the locals. Whilst doing this, we will teach them the principles of Farming God’s Way, thereby enabling them to become self-sufficient. We also want to be able to support other missionaries as well as spread our own missionary work from the proceeds of the farm.

We have planted a few Sandveld potato seedlings a while ago, and now had a good harvest, which we sold on our Chandame market. We plan to expand our farming activities even more, but first need to generate some cash to do this.

Our pastor accepted a calling to another congregation on the 7th of June. He gave his farewell sermon at church, which was filled with people from our 18 prayer houses. We were sad to see him go, but we know that he was obedient to the voice of the Lord. The Lord gave him two scriptures in a dream, Jonah 1:1-17 and Matthew 29:19-20. We are sure he will continue spreading the Word with passion. On the 12th of June 2015 we took pastor to his new congregation in Khandale. All our blessings and prayers are with him and his family.

Now we had to call a new pastor to Chandame. We left it in the hands of the Lord and our elders. The right family will be called and will come to Chandame.

On 13th June 2015 we left for South Africa to start a new project, enabling us to generate funds to spread the Word of God and finish our clinic. The clinic already has a roof, and the first layer of paint, but we need money to do the interior (plumbing, cupboards, shelves and ceiling). We left for South Africa to fix a tow-truck and bring it back to Mozambique. Jannie is busy going over the mechanics of the truck. As soon as the truck is roadworthy, we will be leaving for Chandame. There is a need for recovery trucks, as there are accidents weekly. We are going to do the recovery of the vehicles with Wynand and Tanya Theron, who are staying in Tete. We are very excited about this project. This was not a spur-of-the-moment decision. Jannie listened to the voice of God, and we continued only after we were sure that this was part of God’s plan. We also ask for your prayers in this.

Lastly, we would like to thank you for your continued prayers. Our finances limit us many times to do everything we would like to do, but God has always supplied in our needs. A big thank you also to everyone in Rawsonville for their support and help whilst fixing the truck.


Jannie and Susan Smit


PS: I have found the following verses quite helpful in my study of the Bible, and would like to share them with you:

  • Isaiah 37:33-35
  • 1 Chronicles 29:18
  • Micah 6:8,9
  • Psalm 126:3 – 4
  • Matthew 7:18
Eddie on April 13th, 2015

We again had spent a special holiday with children, grandchildren, family and friends.  We always felt blessed and we left for Mozambique with great courage and joy to come and work for the Kingdom of God!  We were also blessed with another grandchild on 21 January 2015, when Alexander Daniel De Kock was born in South Korea. We now have 5 lovely grandchildren! Although we couldn’t be with our children when Alexander was born, we know that God was there and thank Him that all went well.

On the 26th of January 2015, we attended the Mission Convention in Paarl, where we learned from the other missionaries. We praised and worshipped and we went home with the knowledge that you must go back to the basics – focus on God, He only wants the best for you!

We arrived at Chandame on the 6th of February 2015, and were again welcomed with lots of flowers and lots of happy people!  Our garden looked wonderful – everthing was  green and the flowers were beautiful. You could also see that it was a rainy season during November, December, January up until end of April.

We brought back some Sandveld potato seeds that we planted here on Chandame to multiply and use for  future planting (a special thank you to Henk van Zyl of Leipoldtville in South Africa for the gift).This will be our first attempt to produce seeds and the start of our dream to do all types of seeds which are replantable and good germinators.

We were tested severely by illness and small problems with our vehicle and power tools during our first two months here at the station. The thought of what our purpose here was, crossed our minds, but the Lord taught us, through his Word, that we had to persevere. Even our finances were at some stage very bleak, but we are pressing onwards for His sake.

We started on the clinic again and, although our finances are low and we feel our passion is not really supported, we shall carry on, as the need for medical services in Africa is high and a lot of people die without it. Susan is seeing up to 90 people per day for medical care. The cases of malaria are very high at this time of year, and deaths are frequent. THE CLINIC PROJECT NEEDS TO FINISH and start serving the community. We have finished building the clinic, which is quite big (I believe it can even be used as a hospital), and are busy working on the inside. The government promised to furnish the clinic themselves on the inside, but their passion for medical care is very low. Even their mobile clinic is not nearly as constant with medical care as it should be, and medicine seems to be usually unavailable. Politics in Mozambique seem to overshadow any other service to the communities.

We also started teaching “Farming God`s Way” again, with our blanket making process for the potatoes. Wilhelm Els also visited our station to help with the teaching. The development of the farm with the local residents will be a school for them, and we hope that the example of how we farm shall encourage the locals to follow. This system of learning about GOD and the methods of increasing yields is a must for us in 2015, as this will spread the Word of God, and also supply food for the local residents, who are in much need of sustainable nutrition. This will also enable them to supply food for themselves as well as their communities on a sustainable level.

We ask that you will keep us in your prayers, especially for our Clinic Project, which is in desperate need of financial support.



Jannie & Susan

Eddie on April 13th, 2015

We arrived back at Chandame on the 14th of October 2014 – a day before the elections. It was good to be back, but we were worried for our own safety as the elections did not go very peacefully. At one stage, even our Pastor let us know to evacuate and leave for the border, fearing for our safety. We were afraid and unsure of what to do, so we started praying.  Jannie received the vision of a burning candle in the dark. Where it stood, there was light. When you took the candle away, there was darkness.  So we decided to stay and all went well. Looking back, we are thankful to the Lord for keeping us safe in difficult times, and praise Him for showing us the way where we were uncertain.

Life in our caravan became challenging, so we started to build a bedroom with a bathroom next to our current outdoor kitchen. We also modified the kitchen by putting in a concrete floor and replacing the wooden walls with brick walls and a proper door.  We are very excited about the new development, and can’t wait to move into our room. We have been sleeping in a caravan for 3 and half years!

We also visited some prayer houses. On 2nd November 2014 we visited a prayer house called Chiputi 2.  Our scripture was John 5 v 1-15 and 1 Pete 1 v 5 (“…..who are kept by the power of God through faith for salvation ready to be revealed in the last time”). There was also a visiting youth choir from another prayer house. They were amazing, when they started singing you felt the joy in their voices.  Our Redeemer is alive!!

During November 2014, we started to get ready to leave for SA.  We had no money to finish our bedroom and veranda’s roof, but again the Lord knew before we asked.  Hennie and Elsabet Smit from Nkhoma gave us some money and before we left for SA, our roof was fitted! We are extremely grateful!! We left on 21 November for South Africa.

We had 2 months’ vacation with our children and grandchildren, family and friends. We cherished precious times spent, as well as Sunday morning services with our co-believers!!

We end the year 2014 with Ps 32 v 8, and look forward to a blessed 2015.


Jannie & Susan

Eddie on October 26th, 2014

During June to September, we had a constant flow of visitors – Calla and Hetta Botha, Will and Elize Viljoen, Koos and Petro Ritter, Herman and Berdine Smit, Wilhelm Els, Cliff van Dyk and Beulah Greyvenstein all came to visit us. We enjoyed every one of our guests’ input in our daily routine here at Chandame. Early mornings started with devotion en praising the Lord before starting our day.

We went to the farm we received from the government (900 hectares), where we would like to plant maize, soya, potatoes and other vegetables, but the land needs to be deforested before we can start any farming there. We noticed however that the locals here did not replant any trees to replace the trees they felled, and decided to plant 5 trees for every tree that we fell. If we do not do his, Mozambique may one day be without any trees. This shows again that sustainability is a major issue in Africa that needs to be addressed, and we feel privileged to be here to tackle this issue with the locals.

We are also busy building the solar toilets at the clinic, and the ceiling and plumbing are next in line. All the men also helped Jannie with building our bedroom and modifying the kitchen, which will enable us to finally move out of the caravan.

While the visitors were here, Elize and Petro started knitting classes with the women. They enjoyed it very much and I decided to go on with the classes, so every Wednesday Marie Smit from Vila Ulongwe comes over to teach them. They are now busy knitting blocks so they can make handbags. The group’s name is Chisomo, meaning Grace.

At the 14th – 17th of August, we again had our yearly womens’ meeting at Chimwala. The topic this year was: “How to be a witness for the Kingdom of God”. 1,200 women attended the meeting and it was a huge success! All the women went home on Sunday afternoon fIlled with joy and the Holy Spirit!

In September Wilhelm Els visited us again to teach the principles of “Farming God’s Way” to the locals – an easy and inexpensive way to farm sustainably in Africa. The locals began to understand this way of farming. With Wilhelm was Beulah Greyvenstein and Cliff van Dyk. Beulah, a 82 year old lady, had a calling to visit the Mozambique missionaries and pray for them. At the end of her visit she told us she was going to pray for the women of the missionaries – if the women were strong, then their husbands would also be strong. We need lots of prayers here in Mozambique…  Thank you to everyone praying for us!!

One of our missions here in Mozambique is to help the missionaries with whatever they needed – especially mechanical work. In September 2014 we went to Jac and Hessie Smit near Chimoi, where Jannie helped to fix all the machinery (like generators, pumps, tractors, digger loader etc) on the farm. They are going to start harvesting their mangoes mid November so everything had to be in order.

Our travelling here was however not without instance. On our way home to Chandame, our bakkie’s alternator broke in the middle of nowhere. We tried to source one, but someone stopped and gave us a second hand alternator. Jannie had to modify it to fix it in our Ford. After four hours we were on our way again. As soon as it started to get dark, our headlights went out, and it was too dark to drive. Jannie again made a plan – he started the small generator at the back of the bakkie so that it could charge the battery, and then we had working lights again.

As we then went further on our way, a big truck drove on our side of the road while busy overtaking another truck, which meant we had to drive off the road to avoid a collision. We made it and satan did not prevent us from going back to Chandame to spread the Word and work amongst the people. Our God is great, strong and mighty and there is nothing that He cannot do!!!

Finally, we would like to thank you again for your prayers, your financial support and all the visitors that were part of our mission – this means so much to us.

Job 19:25  – “For I know that my Redeemer lives, and in the end, He will stand upon the earth”



Jannie & Susan

Eddie on June 23rd, 2014

We would once again like to thank every one who contributes to the cause of our missionary work in Chandame. We believe that we are in the End Times that the Bible tells us of in Revelations, and that the Gospel must be spread to every corner of the earth.

We are however very dependant on the people supporting us, as well as our Heavenly Father, to make this a success. We believe that God uses us and also other people to spread His Gospel. We are in the field every day, and would like to communicate to you, our support system, the needs that we have picked up in our communities. We pray that you will consider this in your prayers:

  1. We are always in need of medical supplies or equipment for the mobile clinic. Bandages, plaster, medicines, anything can help
  2. Clothing for the people can always help, as well as warm blankets
  3. Any equipment that can help us in building churches or make roads to prayer houses and to the farm can help
  4. Vaaljan, our bakkie, has also become quite old and is past the 500,000km mark. Please pray for us here as we are quite dependant on the bakkie for transport of both ourselves and church members
  5. Tools and any loose equipment can help, as we are always trying to teach the people as much as we can, and there are usually something that needs to be fixed – either Pastor’s motorcycle, or the pipeline to the dam, or anything anybody bring.
  6. We also try to support the missionaries around us, and have fixed motor cars or tractors or houses etc many times. We do however need support for that – whether in tools or in money to pay for parts, or labour, etc
  7. Anything that can help for the school that we are running will help us very much. We try to stimulate the children via teaching as much as possible, as we believe that they are the future of Africa.
  8. As always, being here and helping the people here to develop, building churches and prayer houses and starting schools and workshops. even just supporting the people here and spreading the Gospel, costs money. We are still living in a caravan, which is not by any means comfortable, but we have always set the needs of the people around us before our own. We have long been doing local work to generate income in helping us with the costs mentioned above, but would like to take the opportunity to ask you for any financial donations. This helps us tremendously in reaching our goals of spreading God’s Word throughout Africa, but we need your support to do that. Just as we are the tools God uses to do the work here in Chandame and the rest of Mocambique and Africa, we believe that you are God’s tools to support us in doing so. The Body of Christ is fully functional when all its parts are moving together.

Having said that, we would like once again to thank everybody who has supported us thus far – you have been incredible. We have so many plans to uplift the community even further, but this will take time and cost money, and we are many times dependant on both to do so.

If you would like to consider any financial support, our banking details are as follows:


Account Number:  906 761 2392

Branch Code:           632005

Account Name:      JA Smit

Account Type:       Savings

Lastly, we ask for your constant prayers. We are many times in difficult situations, and ask that you do not underestimate the power of your prayers – it has helped us MANY times.

May Your Name be Glorified, oh God, throughout the corners of the earth. May Your Name be sung on the lips of every human being and may You be Exalted above all forever


All our love

Jannie and Susan

Eddie on June 23rd, 2014


The weekend of 17 May, we attended church in Chandame. The message was that the things of this world are not forever. We can also go to Jesus Christ with any problem. God must be the leader of your heart. God is our place of safety – Ps 62:8.

For 3 days we had a soft mist rain – everything was wet and it was very cold. Looks like winter finally started in Chandame!

We were in Tete from the 20th – 24th of May 2014 – Jannie did mechanic work and also drilled for water. All the income we receive from this, goes directly for the Kingdom of God.

On the 24th of May, Calla and Hetta Botha arrived for a 2 week visit at Chandame (they are from our hometown Rawsonville). It was a very blessed 2 weeks, and we really enjoyed seeing them again! They joined us in our daily chores, and every morning we had devotion, which was so special for Jannie en me.  At the end of their visit they took us for 4 days to Cahorra Bassa – a wonderful ending to a wonderful visit!

On 31st May – 1 June, we had an evangelism weekend in Madibi, one of our prayer houses. We took the people with the tractor and trailer to Madibi, and helped them install their props. We left them until the Sunday morning. Usually they praise and worship right through the night. All the locals from the surrounding area came to join the singing and they also gave food to the people. Jannie, Susan, Calla en Hetta joined them on Sunday morning for the service. There were 470 people that Sunday. Several people shared a message.

At the mobile clinic, we got a lot of patients with burn wounds – most of them caused by fire. The people just leave the little children unattended next to the fire, and the accidents happen so quickly!

I would like to close this update with 1 Samuel 16:1-12 –Don’t judge people from the outside. God looks not to the outside but how your heart is on the inside.

God loves you very much!!



Eddie on June 23rd, 2014

APRIL / MAY 2014

Be careful what you say. You can say something hurtful in ten seconds, but ten years later the wounds are still there – Joel Osteen.

 This is the day which the Lord had made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Ps 118:24.

In April, we were busy attending patients, teaching preschool, and making the road to the farm more accessible and driveable. The rain now falls every second day as winter is slowly coming. The days are sunny but not too hot and the evenings are colder.

On the 24th of April, Jannie took the tractor and trailor to Malawi to fetch some wood for the roof of the clinic we are busy building. He left Chandame at 5 o’clock in the morning, driving on the off roads, going through a one horse border. He was on the tractor for 11 hours and arrived at Chandame only after 5 o’clock in the afternoon. All the roads were also heavy 4×4 roads. Just before reaching Chandame, Jannie drove into heavy rains, arriving home drenched but very satisfied.

We drove to Tsangano on 28 April 2014 to fetch the beacons of the farm. The beacons were planted, so now the farm has borders, and we can start to make soil ready for planting our first potatoes!

On the 4th of May we visited the Nkondedze prayer house. Pastor Isaiah from Chandame delivered a message from Mathew 15:21-28, explaining that Jesus can help you no matter what your problems, and that he has a special plan for every one of us!!

On Thursday, 8 May, we drove to Malawi to help Louise Laubscher with her borehole. Her mission’s name is “Fishers, Trainers and Senders”. Unfortunately, they did not find enough water, so she had to drill a new hole for water!

On 11th May we visited the Katchere prayer house in the Temba area. Pastor Isaiah read out of Deut. 29:1 -29 with the message “How is my heart, and who is my Leader?” If you confess to your sins, the Lord is happy – one of His sheep is coming home. God is your Leader!

On the 14th of May, over 300 women arrived at Chandame for weighing their babies as well as for vaccination of the babies. The people responsible for weighing the babies arrived, but not the government with the vaccinations. They could only come on the 19th of May, so all the women had to come again to Chandame. Some of them walked long distances to be on time and then the government didn’t show up without letting anyone now they not coming. Proper health care is still a very big issue in Mozambique.

Lastly, we are busy upgrading our campsite! We have built a new bedroom and are busy modifying the kitchen so we can finally move out of the caravan!!

Thank you again for all the prayers and the financial support. God Bless!!



Eddie on June 23rd, 2014


On the 6th of October 2013, our newest grandchild was born – a baby girl named Gabriella, meaning “God is my strength”. I (Susan) flew in earlier to help with the newborn, and it was very special to be a part of my second daughter Amanda’s family for at least 6 weeks!

Jannie however only arrived in South Africa on 9 December 2013, accompanied by his friend Willem de Villiers. Jannie had to finish last minute duties here at Chandame before driving down to South Africa. We had a wonderful holiday with our children, grandchildren, family and friends. Thank you Lord!!


We were in SA for the whole of January up until the 10th of February 2014, preparing for our trip back to Chandame. We left on the 4th of February, but could only drive as far as Laingsburg before our bakkie’s gearbox broke down and we had to return to Rawsonville. With the help of fellow Christians, we arrived in Rawsonville at 14h00 in the afternoon. Jannie decided to attend to the gearbox himself, and the work began. Before nightfall, we had enough money to buy the parts of the gearbox! Thank you again to the Lord and to our friends who contributed to the cause!

On 10 February 2014, we left Rawsonville for Chandame. The trip was trouble free. At the Mozambique boarder, we had to open the load, but after an hour the officials decided to accept Jannie’s itinerary of the load. We paid our duty and off we went.

We arrived at Chandame on 16th February in heavy rain, but were welcomed by lots of joy and lots of flowers.

Of course, there was a long list of people now desperate for medical attention, and the mobile clinic kicked off again very quickly. We had mainly a lot of people suffering from malaria, and patients with wounds caused by boiling water or fire, who wanted to be treated.

The clinic building now has its first layer of paint inside – slowly but surely we are nearing the end result!

Jannie was not well after a vicious looking spider bite, so for 3 days he was ill. Another 3 wounds appeared on his leg, and we went to Nkhoma hospital. Here Jannie was diagnosed with the staflecoc bacteria. He received heavy antibiotics and yesterday, 23 March, he felt well again.

I also started my preschool again – and the children are enjoying it very much!

We realised again how incredibly dependent we are on the Lord, so I would like to thank you again for all your prayers and your financial support – it is much appreciated!!




Mark 14 verse 32-41